It is hard for almost every new student to make new friends. We can totally understand that for a muslim student it might even be a bit harder. We can of course be friends with who ever we like, but sometimes we struggle on certain aspects. Most new students socialize through parties where they like to drink a lot of alcohol. As a muslim student, it might be hard to participate in these types of social events.

The MSA tries to organise social, informative and societal events in which all students can have fun. There is no need to involve alcohol to have a good time! As a student association, we try our best to organize fun and informative events and help people with creating a network. With your help, we can make this academic year informative and fun for all of us. During the last year we had several events like a high tea for women, lectures, movie nights for men, debates, a self-defense workshop etc. If you have any ideas for an event you can contact us through email or fill out the Question form and we will look at it in sha Allah.

We hope to see you all at our events!